Professional Support

Scenario 1
Mr A. P. trained and qualified as a radiographer in Nigeria before migrating to the UK. With no UK experience he had difficulty securing a job. Through personal contacts and mentoring from senior colleagues of NIRAD, he got a job as a trainee sonographer (sonography is not a recognised profession regulated by the HCPC). He performed well at a job interview that enabled him undertake a period of training. He is currently working in a UK hospital.

Scenario 2
Mr P. O. came to the UK after qualifying from Nigeria. He initially worked as a radiographer in the NHS and also as locum in several local hospitals in the UK before returning back home to undertake educational and private entrepreneurial projects. Through the contracts and support of NIRAD, Mr P.O. returned to the UK for further postgraduate training. He is currently undertaking specialist training in ultrasonography in the UK.
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