Charitable Activities

NIRAD members have in the past made donations to department of radiography at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, University of Lagos as well as the upcoming department of radiography at the University of Benin Edo State in Nigeria. We hope to collaborate with other schools of radiography in Nigeria by sharing our experiences. We aim that our contributions would impact on all of the tiers of healthcare in Nigeria.

Educational Activities

NIRAD undertakes a monthly educational exercise for its members through its Academic Paper Review Group Meeting. Individual members of NIRAD are also involved in one type of post graduate educational activity or the other. This includes professional specialist training in areas of practice such as magnetic resonance imaging, computerised tomography scanning, ultrasonography and densitometry. Postgraduate M Level education and doctor of philosophy training in the practice of radiography are currently being undertaken and encouraged by NIRAD members.
Our 1st General Meeting and Scientific Conference covered a wide range of topics and were endorsed with the CPD-Now approval of the Society and College of Radiographers UK. We are currently working closely with the Institute of Radiography at the RRBN in Nigeria to update the current academic curricular of training for radiographers in the country. In the future NIRAD shall publish a quarterly journal with the outcomes of its monthly Academic Paper Review Group also known as the Journal Club.

Scientific and Research Activities

NIRAD members have undertaken the following clinical research and publications:

  1. Ehiwe E, Ohuegbe C (2011). A case of: Imaging peri-urethral abscess of the Skene’s duct using
    endovaginal sonography. Synergy Imaging & Therapy Practice, January 2011, 28-29. England.
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  20. Ehiwe E, Ohuegbe C.(2011) Carotid Artery Stenosis: Vision Loss, Carotid Bruits & Transient
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  21. Ohuegbe C, Ehiwe E. (2011) Applications of Sonoelastography: Current Issues and Challenges. ARN Conference, Minna , November 2011.
  22. Ohuegbe C, Ehiwe E.(2011). The Application of musculoskeletal ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of pathologies in the extremities: an emerging frontier in medical imaging. ARN Conference, Minna , November 2011.
  23. Ohuegbe C., Ehiwe E.I.O. (2015). Sonoelastography findings in patients with symptomatic and asymptomatic supraspinatus tendinopathy. Scientific Paper Presented at the ARN Conference and Workshop. Asaba, Nigeria. 19th Nov 2015.
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  25. Ehiwe. E.I.O. (2015). Role of Radiography in Cancer Management Pathways. Scientific Paper Presented at 1st Scientific Mini Conference and Charity Ball of Nigerian Radiographers in Diaspora (United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland). Birmingham. 5th Sept 2015.
  26. Ehiwe E.I.O., Ohuegbe C. (2015). Greater Tuberosity Fractures and Rotator Cuff Tears. Scientific Paper Presented at the ARN Conference and Workshop. Asaba, Nigeria. 19th Nov 2015.
  27. Ehiwe. E.I.O., Ohuegbe C. (2015). Sonographic Evaluation of Trauma and Non-Traumatic Bony Lesions of the Wrist. Scientific Paper Presented at the ARN Conference and Workshop. Asaba, Nigeria. 19th Nov 2015.

Other Activities

  • Healthcare Policy Advocacy – We always seek for opportunity to review and advice leaders of the healthcare sector in Nigeria on issues such as the practice of radiography and quackery, ultrasound education and training, cooperation with other allied health workers and bridging the gap with other professionals in the practice of medical imaging.
  • Cooperating and interacting with other Nigerian Communities within and outside the United Kingdom.
  • Partnering with other Nigerian-born or Nigerian-trained radiographers in USA, Canada, the Middle East, Australia, and other African countries.
  • Collaborating with the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria.
  • Representing and supporting our members with personal or professional issues.
  • Ensuring that healthcare information is readily available to indigent populations and that the dissemination and propagation of such information is not unduly hampered.
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